The community of Brand Advocates

Build and optimize the value of the Brand Advocates, where user-branding actions are converted into rewards.

Integrated with Facebook & Instagram. ChatBot to support ordering and payment.

Build the community from membership

Use viral campaigns (mini-games, online challenges, etc.) to engage consumers with brands – the foundation to build a Brand Advocates community.

Create interesting content to leverage users’ engagement.

Encourage Members to become Advocates

When members share and review products through referral/affiliate/advocacy, we will give them rewards (coupon, gift, commission).

Turn social networks into dealership channels based on membership/commission.

Maintain Advocates with various types of rewards

Buy e-vouchers with promotions/hot deals

Refer the deals to friends/families

Accumulate points & redeem gifts (coupon, vouchers, etc.)

Key value

Nurture and build the community of Brand Advocates

Increase customers shopping experience and brand engagement

Help businesses increase revenues and find new customers